Why Search Engine Rankings Matter

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Did you know that the Google “doodle” dates back to 1998? The first one depicted the Burning Man, and was used by co-founders Brin and Page as a sort of out of office message, letting people know that they were in fact attending the famous Nevada festival. Today, Google is one of the most important websites in the world, as Google rankings make a huge difference in attracting people to one particular business or another.

Interestingly, 92 percent of adults who are online perform at least one search per day. Interestingly, in terms of online marketing, there are few methods that have the staying power of search engine optimization, or SEO, marketing. SEO marketing can involve everything from website design and optimization to the creation of a company blog, and can make a huge difference in improving the Google rankings for a company.

Since about 42 percent of internet search engine users click on the top-ranking organic result, search engine optimization matters. A person cannot buy from a company if they don’t know the company exists, so it is important that the company be easily locatable when someone searches for something related to what the company sells or provides.

Over half of all customers start researching a product or service by using a search engine. About a quarter of people visit company websites, and a fifth use social media sites. Overall, search engine optimization is a big way to have an overarching web presence that truly makes a difference, as SEO companies can help companies be found on search engines, work on their website, and even operate a company’s social media accounts.

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