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If you’re connected to the municipal water supply, then the water supply will likely be from a water source. It’s lovely to be able to have the water you require for your house, however you need to be cautious in keeping it clean and tidy. The following are the things you need to be aware of about your water supply and cleaning your water.

A well may be contaminated by coliform bacteria when it’s not properly cleaned. The bacteria can be found in the surface of water. It can contaminate the well and cause people who live there sick.

The best way to aid in disinfecting the well is by adding a tiny amount of chlorine. The chlorine can shock the well, and kill bacteria such E.coli and coliform. Creating a mixture of 5percent bleach and water can also clean the well.

After applying the mixture, it’s good practice to run the garden hose in order to mix the chlorine in your water. This helps to disinfect your well and pipes.

If you’re looking for a better understanding of the process, check out the following video to learn how you can disinfect your well. It’s a vital step that all homeowners with wells must be aware of.


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