You Need to Avoid These Plumbing Mistakes – Andre Blog

Do you consider doing the plumbing yourself? There is always a chance that you will make costly mistakes if you do not hire a plumber. This is not an easy task. Avoid these common errors. This video will help you understand how to avoid these mistakes.

Copper supports must be used to install copper pipes. Many people try to install copper pipes by using steel supports and end up damaging the copper. This can cause leaks. Copper is the only material to use for copper.

It is not as simple as one might think for plumbers who are not experienced to cut pipes. Ratchet cutters should be preferred over an ordinary saw. They are much more accurate and will give you a precise cut. Importantly, bad cuts can result in fittings that aren’t able to fit. If the cut was bad enough, fittings might not fit at all.

Plumbers that are not professionals tend to try heating copper pipes with solder. The pipes will get hot. Copper pipes that are hot will draw the solder at some point.


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