Which Heavy Trucking Jobs Pay the Most? – Loyalty Driver

Skills and experience.
However, which heavy trucking jobs be the highest paying? The dimensions of the truck and industry it is in is the determining factor for the class. The sensitivity and experience of the drivers as well as their knowledge is a major factor in the pay of paying the heavy trucking companies.
The highest-paying heavy truck drivers are specialized team drivers and heavy haul drivers. refrigerated goods drivers, private carrier drivers and car haulers.
Specialized teams and heavy haul drivers possess an specialized skillset for safety and managing delicate loads. They are able to make more than $100K a year. Hazmat Haulers are closely behind since they have to maintain an impeccable safety record as well as handling hazardous materials.
Refrigerated Goods Drivers and Private driver of carriers are two more jobs in heavy hauling that will pay better wages. The job pays drivers anywhere between $70k and $100K. z2t94awyip.

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