When to Call a Tow Service – Boston Equator

vice can help you come through a myriad of difficulties, from flat tires to dying batteries. Here are a few of the best reasons to call the towing service.

If you’ve got any damaged or flat tires and you are in need of help, this is the primary action to take. If your tires are old and worn , or you run over something that creates a puncture, contact an tow truck. You can have a spare or new tire fitted by them.

Another reason to contact the tow truck is when your battery or engine are dead. Keep an eye on the warning signs on your dashboard do not ignore them when they come on. The sooner you address a problem, the better. always be better and less expensive than allowing it to grow to become a bigger problem.

Be sure to shut off electronic components in the car including headlights, overhead lights, the radio, air conditioning, or heated seats when the engine isn’t running. The premature death of batteries is common.

For more information on what a tow truck driver experiences during a day, visit the link to the above video.


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