What Do Engineer Recruiters Want to Know? – Business Training Video

Keep reading to learn more about the specifications of recruiters who recruit engineers.

Your resume, in addition to any certifications you have The first step is to write down any certificates you need to write. Included in this will be the degree you earned at your university, as well as possibly a master’s. The recruiter will search for these first on job websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Be sure that your skills are easily access and accurately describe the jobs that you are skilled to complete.

Once you’re in the interview room, you need to be able to support your technical background by gaining some understanding of the company that you’re applying to. Do your research and do an overview of the business prior to going. Take a look at the company’s values, and ensure you’ve got questions ready. In the absence of questions, it is an indication that you didn’t do your best to prepare for an interview.

The video below will provide additional tips for how to face an engineer-related recruiter. The video offers great insight about how you can get the engineer you want to work for.


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