Understanding an Enforcement of the Court Order – What Is Legal Advice

This video will provide an explanation of the way a court decree is enforced, and also its implications for both sides. It was written by a divorce and family lawyer. If one side fails to adhere to a court or order, it may be a cause for further action by the court or judge.

If we are looking at the example of a child’s support order and the father has a problem in payments, enforcement of the court’s order is what the mother does to notify that the court of her intention to request that the judge order the father to comply. The judge is able to force compliance when the mother is able to show that the father was able to pay enough funds to make the payments but decided not to. A judge could then fine the father in violation of court.

Until the child support is caught up on in this instance the judge may be as severe as imprisoning those who are in the habit of not complying with father. Judges could also order attorney fees to enforce the compliance. These court orders are also used to enforce debts and the transfer of property. If you want to learn more about enforcement of the orders of the court, or are encountering this issue in your own case take your time to locate an attorney who can assist you!


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