Tips for Remodeling a Basement – Las Vegas Home

These give them an almost cave-like look. This can be countered by applying indirect lighting which spits large amounts of light onto the ceiling. By doing this, you can open spaces, which makes rooms appear larger. Combining up-lighting and conventional lighting lets you make a variety of lighting moods. The addition of mirrors on ceilings or walls could improve and enhance lighting effects.

Insulate the Basement Well

The importance of insulation is to ensure the perfect dry and comfortable basement. It prevents condensation while limiting the chill. The floor and walls are kept cool all through the year. Condensation takes place when warm air in a room meets cool walls.

Condensation is the main cause of dampness, which causes problems with mold and mildew in basements. Proper insulation separates the warmer air in a room from the cold walls preventing dampness issues that emanate due to condensation.

Choose Practical Furnishings

Carpets and drapes should be used only sparingly. You want to ensure that your surface doesn’t absorb the water. It is not advisable to keep books, sheets, or even towels.


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