Things to Know About Low Back Pain – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

ience. A recent study showed that there are people who aren’t physically fit, overweight and aged (specifically after the age of 45), or who are exposed to back pain risks due to their work for example, pushing, pulling or lifting heavy objects are more susceptible to experience back hurt. Back pain can also be caused by genetic problems.

The back pain may manifest in different ways and differs in each individual. There are acute, mild and chronic back pain, typically felt in the lower back.

A poor posture or straining the muscles because from personal or professional actions can cause painful pain in the lower back. The condition could be acute lower left back pain or acute lower right back pain. In some instances, it can be both acute lower back pain as well as acute lower right back pain.

It doesn’t matter what the source of back pain, , it is possible to diagnose and treated by chiropractic therapy.


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