The Best Way to Layout a Kitchen for a Growing Family – Family Activities

all. While this layout is ideal for cooking for just one however, it might not fit for large family members.
What is what is the Kitchen Triangle?

A kitchen triangle is the arrangement of three major work areas in kitchens: the stove, sink and fridge. According to the rule, these three areas of use should be laid out loosely in an arc shape that allows users to complete the tasks of cooking and cleaning easily and free of obstruction. The dimensions of each side of the kitchen triangle should be between four feet and nine feet, at the highest. The radius of the triangle is between 13 and 16 feet. Its goal is to create the space that is at a reasonable distance, being able to allow the user to freely move however not to the point that it gets tiresome.

The kitchen triangle should only serve as a source of guidance. Kitchen zones have taken over the triangle. With kitchens becoming larger and expansive, it’s become more difficult to construct a precise triangle. Furthermore, the triangle came about in the 1940s when they were fewer appliances and women prepared meals mostly in their homes for their families. You should think of the layout as a result of work zones, e.g. preparation area, cooking space, areas for cleaning, as well as storage space. Experts in kitchen design recommend that you think about how the activity takes place within each zone. As an example, the prep space might also have a trash container in the vicinity, so it’s easy to dispose of scraps. You can avoid running into other people who are in the same area in the same area, as well as make work zones.

Consider Current Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is beloved as the central point of any house, making it one of the most sought-after rooms to remodel. This is why there are many remodel ideas to delight, and even better some of them can be practical. A good example would be a shift away from white kitchens that are very high upkeep and may be a hassle to maintain.


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