The Benefits of Good Online Marketing

Search engine optimization

Did you know that there are an amazing 100 billion global searches, if not more, conducted online every month? For the most part, when someone wants a product or service, he or she will turn to a search engine to research information and reviews about that product. Therefore, a company with high quality SEO (search engine optimization) marketing services will be more likely to hook up with potential clients and customers.

In 2012, about 90 percent of American internet users aged 14 and up researched products online. About two fifths of them followed up on social media sites. Importantly, SEO companies can provide a bevy of SEO marketing solutions, including website design, mobile website optimization, and operating and running a company blog. Importantly, organic click-through, which SEO focuses on, generates 25 percent higher conversion rates than equivalent pay per click, or PPC click-through.

At the end of the day, search engines are arguably the most widely used sites on the internet. Google even has its headquarters’ lawns mowed by goats, which are rented from a grazing company. Since more than 75 percent of search engine users don’t even go past the first page of results on sites like Google and Yahoo, it pays for companies to invest in SEO marketing solutions, which can help them move up and be found by people who want the products or services the company sells or provides.

Ultimately, the world of marketing has changed dramatically in the past half century. Online marketing is now key, and at the helm of online marketing lies SEO marketing. More and more companies are investing in search engine optimization, and it pays off as it connects clients and customers.

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