Musical Theater Basics Resources for Set and Costume Design – 1776 The Musical

Join in on many aspects that are currently being staged. Lighting has been used since the beginning of time in a theater to create an ambience for the show. Sound and music are adjusted in order to create the same effects. It could need the application of several technological components for example soundscapes and sound effects. There is a way to produce sound by actors using their body during their performances. The use of simple props could make sound effects that can be beneficial in live performances. If you are performing with a dramatic tone you can be silent.

One of the main elements of costume and set designs is space. This refers to efficiently using the area at hand during the production. The space can be divided into horizontal and vertical dimensions. The stage can be set in any direction by actors, regardless of whether they’re on stage or in the downstage. It’s also possible to use other levels of space, for instance, standing, stooping, lying down, crawling or by physically using an additional one of the levels of a stage set. Moving is an essential aspect in the efficient utilization of space.

For effective use of space and efficiently, it’s important to communicate clearly to viewers the exact location that the action is taking place. It could be a matter of changing the location of the event in particular if there’s very few or no set pieces or props utilized as well as a significant reliance on the audience’s imagination, sometimes referred to an implied theater space. If this is the case, all alteration in the setting that occurs during the performance may be included in this classification. Some theaters or performances may be built using a specific area including prosceniums as well as traversing, arch and thrust stage.


Famous philosophers like Aristotle considered the spectacle to be a necessary resource for costume as well as set design years ago. Aristotle believed that the elements of spectacles comprise actors’ gestures or gestures as well as the scenic aspect and costu.


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