Most Common Reasons For a Leaky Roof – Family Magazine

If the roof is leaking, it will put you in good spirit. It’s terrifying to hear the roof leaking. The noise can be a nightmare for anyone. It’s especially aggravating when you don’t know what is causing your roof’s leak. It could be that there could be many causes for why the roof is leaky. The video below will highlight the top reasons for roof leaks. Be sure to call a company that does roofing repairs or roof repair soon.

Many people are unaware that there’s more to roofing than shingles. Pipe collars are an extremely common problem. Pipe collars are also often referred to as pipes flashings or pipe boots. It’s a fitting that connects plumbing to the outside. It’s typically made of either neoprene or rubber. Neoprene and rubber can crack with time. It is possible for water to seep into the ceiling. This is the primary cause of leaks in your roof. It is possible to replace the collar of the pipe on your own, but it is probably better done by a professional.


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