How Google Rankings Changed The World

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Google rankings are an important part of what we know the company to be about, but it has other facets. Google made one of its famous doodles back in 1998 depicting the Burning Man, a festival which is held in the desert every year to celebrate the arts. The purpose of this doodle was to let people know that Brin and Page, co founders of Google, were out in Nevada. Since then, doodles have become a trademark of the company, but they are only part of the surface of what makes Google an important internet presence. Internet marketing has become one of the keystones of doing business these days, and Google rankings are a fundamental part of those marketing efforts.

When Google was still merely a research project, LEGOs were used to create a storage compartment for the ten hard drives, which were four gigabytes each, so that they could test the PageRank algorithm. Since those days, Google rankings have become a force to be reckoned with in the world of internet marketing, and with so many companies now looking for the best way to improve their search engine rankings, solutions like SEO have come to play an important role in the development of future marketing commodities. Unlike offline marketing, marketing through Google rankings can offer results that will build upon themselves over time, and which can be maintained through actual coding and feedback.

The first tweet release by Google simply stated, “I’m feeling lucky,” written in binary code. Companies have come to rely on Google rankings for their fortunes, and when they invest in the right Seo marketing solutions they are seeing positive results that they can rely on. Google and its ranking system can lead to more inbound leads, with SEO costing 61 percent less than outbound lead generation. That means that you not only get more from your investment, but that you actually need to invest less to see those results. Less time, less money, and less stress can all mean a very powerful solution for a company that has named its PageRank algorithm after Larry Page himself. Those early beginnings built powerful potential, and search engine ranking is the proof of where the future lies in any type of marketing online. If you choose the right business to improve your Google rankings then you, too, can participate in this fascinating, upward trend.

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