Are IB Programs Right For My Child? – UNM Continuing Education

No matter how old your child may be, you might not be obvious which school they should attend. Do you have a desire to enroll your child into a different kind of educational program? What are IB courses and are they right for the child you have? IB is the acronym for International Baccalaureate. It is a unique form of instruction that will help your child’s overall social and educational well-being. It can also be used to their advantage and help them gain admission into top schools in the region. This video will explain the basics of what IB is, and how you can assist your child succeed with their IB learning.

This program teaches children to appreciate and respect other peoples’ cultures. Through these activities, your child could grow more curious and inquire important questions that others aren’t able to ask in their own age. The program can assist your child to be more thoughtful about the future they will have and to think of things in a realistic way.

The video below will go over all you need to be aware of about IB programsand will show how your child could succeed.


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