SEO Marketing Makes The Future Brighter

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You can tell a lot about a company by the way it takes care of its own facilities, and Google has a long history of choosing organic methods. The company headquarters even rents goats to mow the lawn naturally. This sort of philosophy will definitely effect SEO marketing and the best way to move forward if you want to make a positive impact with search engines like Google, which can provide you with a great deal of traffic if your content and services are coming from the right sources. 92 percent of adults in the United States will perform at least one search per day. That means there are a lot of potential viewers and consumers out there that could be interested in your products and services, but it requires the right online marketing to reach them. In this instance, that means getting better Google rankings so that your site will be easier to find. Over half of consumers that are researching any product will do so by first visiting a search engine, as opposed to the 24 percent or so who visit an official company website, or the 18 percent that will ask on social media network. Search engines are playing an important role in the market of both today and tomorrow, and it is vital that you have the right SEO marketing in place if you really want to future proof your profit models. By investing more into your search engine ranking and the SEO marketing that it will need to get there, you may be able to reach the growing market of tablet and mobile device users. By the year 2014, it is believed that mobile devices will overtake desktops in terms of which provide the most internet activity. Mobile device users are able to use their tablets, smartphones, and other devices to research products while they are away from the home or office. They can also use these devices to communicate over social media networks, which is why so many of them rely on search engines and search engine rankings to help them. SEO marketing can help you to tap into a growing market of untethered users that may want the products and services that your company has to offer. You will need to focus on quality content with organic results in mind, but your SEO marketing may play a vital role in how your business develops.

How Google Is Able to Maintain About Two Thirds of All Web Search Market Share

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Google is known as a power house of online marketing for a good reason. Most of the search engine optimization market begins and ends with the use of this particular engine. Most people recognize the branding of Google, to the point where it has even been accepted as a regular verb when a person is asking for you to search for info on the web. With about 65 percent of mobile web users daily relying on their smart phone, tablet or other mobile device to purchase new materials or services, it is a sure bet that most Seo reporting information is interesting to business owners. If you operate a business and are not yet making use of analytics, SEO marketing and other tools, it is highly likely that competitors in your industry are well ahead of you, since they are more than likely using these tactics to improve how they market their goods and services. The very first Google tweet, which was on February 26 of 2009, was binary for the Google slogan “I’m feeling lucky” and company headquarters allow goats to mow the lawn. These little facts about Google are fun to know, but a business is more interested in such facts as knowing that between 70 and 80 percent of web users ignore sponsored results on a search engine, favoring organic results by a wide margin when they run a search for new goods or services.